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 Marquarie (Higher Education)

Macquarie University is an Australian public teaching and research university in Macquarie Park, New South Wales. The university comprises four faculties, and is the fourth largest University in Sydney. Managility was chosen to implement a university wide planning and reporting system with the key objective of simplifying the process for the business users and automating as much as possible very complex human resource processes typical in the academic sector. Requirements included managing a variety of different employment types, different positions per individual, flexible leave management as well as tax and on cost calculations and workflows.


  • Enabling business users to maintain system
  • Automation of complex HR planning logic: multiple leaves, employees with different roles/assignments
  • Long term (3-10 years), driver based planning


  • Jedox Premium
  • Oracle Relational Data Warehouse

Managility was instrumental in achieving a quantum leap in regards to more efficient, responsive and simpler to use planning processes

– John Gorman,

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